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Selection Tips For Various Face Earrings

- Jul 26 2017 -
Lack of stereo in round face
Looks and faces are almost the same. This requires the use of other costumes or accessories to create an illusion of long face. Pendant earrings are the first choice of the round face mm, because pendant earrings will lengthen your shape. The round face chooses the earring time must choose long, the bone feeling, please away from the square, the big round earring, namely avoids letting the big circle image repeat appear in the face four weeks, because that kind of earring will make your face to appear wider. Earrings the most suitable for the round face of women wear, long earrings to hang hanging, can make the face oval aesthetic effect.

Oval face distribution is more balanced
Whatever earrings you wear will be very satisfying. Oval is ideal for earrings, such as water droplets, gourd-shaped, or round-shaped. While the opposite shape such as exclamation point shape, heart shape, rhombus design, should avoid wear; A pair of shiny pearl earrings will make you stand out.

For the square face of the clear-cut, the choice of the radian of the earrings is more suitable
This will be the same as the square face of the hard contour. Choose the right length for the dripping earrings, do not choose the shape of the stars or the rounded earrings, which exaggerate the face and make the contours look too masculine.

Tapered face chin narrow and sharp
It looks a long face. In order to better balance the face, the choice of buckle earrings can increase the width of the facial, so that the face looks full. Cone-shaped face is suitable for the design of water droplets, circular earrings. To avoid diamond, heart-shaped, inverted triangular, exclamation-point earrings, otherwise it will make the chin appear more sharp, thinner or angular.

The forehead of the heart-shaped face is very lenient, but the chin is more sharp
In order to better balance this face, try to wear earrings or the opposite of the shape of the earrings, such as: round, exclamation, string, etc., the most can show the flirtatious attractions. The earrings, such as triangles, hexagonal or square angles, are best kept away.

A girl with a circular or transverse design.
You can try more rounded, scalloped, or square designs. And long, slender, long, oval, and other types of earrings should be avoided, because they will make your face look longer.