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Necklace Style

- Jul 26 2017 -
Edgewise chain: More by mechanical processing into semi-finished products, and then by hand finishing. It is characterized by a smaller diameter, is one of the best-selling varieties of the market.

Whip chain: Mainly by hand processing, mainly made into 24k gold necklace. Also used as the material of the flower-type chain. Its characteristics are more robust and strong.

Two sets of chain, three sets of chain: the processing process is a complex necklace, its characteristics are three-dimensional strong, elegant and beautiful.

Fancy chain: This is a new style developed in recent years, its style changes extremely fast, by Fonsk, the whip chain clip delicate pattern composition, also has the rugged chain body with the changeable embellishment floral composition, also some with the jewel unifies, appears the jewelled, gorgeous noble.

Mechanism chain: From the mechanical processing, shape has back patterns, streamline, three-dimensional and the characteristics of the abstract patterns.