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Tips For Matching Earrings And Skin Hair Colors

- Jul 26 2017 -
Earrings, also known as earring, is worn in the ear jewelry, ancient also known as Joel, Matangi. Most earrings are metal, some may be stone, wood, or other similar hard materials. Men and women can wear earrings, but nowadays they are more feminine.

1. gold earrings for a variety of skin color people wear.

2. the skin color slants The black girl, should not wear the color excessively bright vivid earring, should choose the tonal soft white, the silver, the blue light, the sky blue, the pink earring.

3. Girls with fair skin color are suitable for red, brown, purple, blue, and other darker or darker earrings.
4. long straight hair shawl girls suitable to wear long chains such as narrow-type earrings, beautiful and eye-catching.
5. the girl with short hair can wear oval or diamond earrings, as well as exquisite ear nails to foil the lively, shrewd, gan, but not suitable with the hair of the same long earrings, affect the beauty.
6. comb the bun or the dish sends the girl, may take the white or has the color big earrings, or hangs the earring, looks elegant and generous.
7. The girl with long braid style should be wearing diamond earrings with pendant.
8. the girls with asymmetrical hairstyle, such as with a large earrings, can play a balanced role, appear to be a charm.