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The Knowledge Of Wearing Silver

- Jul 26 2017 -

"Compendium of Materia Medica" said Silver has "five, set mind, cure Fright, Bone, town heart, eyesight" effect, and sterling silver bracelet is an adult to children's expectations, a kind of love, a kind of protection. Hope that children grow up, ah, healthy and lively ah, and Ah, and so on, and so on, pure silver jewelry unique Cold clean Ray has the finishing touches, quiet graceful show noble elegance, as the predecessor of thousands of years of love and blessings for the best gift jewelry.

1. Professional outfit suitable for matching style concise, slender shape of sterling silver necklace.
2. Casual wear suitable for the unique design, exaggerated shape of the pure silver ring.
3. Cute dress up with a silver bracelet with a small bell.
4. Silver town decorations inlaid with colored artificial gems are suitable for young girls to wear.
5. Silver is not suitable to wear with gold jewelry, but different styles of silver can be worn together, showing a rich texture.
6. When you attend luxurious occasions or wear gorgeous clothes, you should choose Silver Town jewelry with precious jewellery and diamonds.
7. Silver to become old black, not necessarily clean to continue to wear, the nostalgic taste is also very good.
8. Silver is a fashionable thing, to pay attention to changing the style of wear.