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How Does A Bracelet Ring?

- Jul 26 2017 -
Method 1:
In the measurement, the 4 long fingers (except the thumb) and to the "tiger" place, the pressure to tighten some, and then measuring tool measurement, such as just a small mm, then, on this basis, add 2~3mm is suitable for the loop. This specification will be worn when there is a certain pain, please use the hand sanitizer lubrication, such as lubricating oil can be. Some people like to wear a little more loose, you can choose a slightly larger ring.

Method 2:
In the selection of Dai Yu bracelets, to be able to wear jade bracelets into 4 long fingers (that is, with the exception of thumb) and to "tiger" place, feel a little tighter, and then take off the bracelet, measuring the inner diameter, for example, just 55 millimeters, then, this size is suitable for the ring. Some people like to wear a little more loose, when choosing, the choice of the circle mouth big and the millimeter, so that it can be easier to wear down. Some people are used to wearing smaller jade bracelets, or they do not intend to take it down, so that, in turn, you can reduce the size of the millimeter. Generally in the choice, should first try to wear. Try to wear, can be coated with some detergent or soap water in the hand, and ask people to help, with a little force to wear the bracelet into the wrist can.

Method 3:
Fingers close together, please help with a soft rope to measure the thickest part of your hand in the most fine state of the circumference and then divided by 3.14, plus 1~2mm that is suitable for your inner diameter of the bracelet. For example: You measure the length is 170mm, then 170/3 1~2=55~56mm.

Method 4: Use a ruler (tape) to measure the width of the palm width (except the thumb). The measured size is based on the appropriate data, select the appropriate diameter of the bracelet. The widest place in the palm:
62--66mm: Bracelet with inner diameter 50--52mm
66--70mm: Bracelet with inner diameter 52--54mm
70--74mm: Bracelet with inner diameter 54--56mm
74--78mm: Bracelet with inner diameter 56--58mm
78--82mm: Bracelet with inner diameter 58--60mm
82MM above: bracelet with inside diameter 60MM above