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The Origin Of The Ring

- Jul 26 2017 -
1, Savage said:
It is said to be the result of the ancient robbery, when the man robbed the other tribe women to put on her shackles. After many years of evolution, the shackles became an engagement, a wedding ring, and the man wore a ring to show that she had owned it to me.

2, Worship said:
The ring originated in ancient sun worship. Ancient rings made of jade ring, symbolizing the sun god day round, that it is like the sun god, to give people warm, sheltered human happiness and peace, but also symbolizes the virtues and eternity, truth and faith. Wedding, the groom wears gold ring, symbolizing the red sun, the bride wears silver ring, symbolizes the bright moon.

3, Practical said:
It goes back to more than 3,000 years ago, when there was no ring. As the rulers of Egypt had the habit of bringing the seal of the dignitary on his body, but it was too burdensome for them to put on their hands, some thought of putting a ring on their fingers. After a while, people found that the small seal on the man's finger was pretty, so he kept improving and became a lady's ornament.

4, Taboo said:
Ring different name "Ring", the history book is called "About", "pull" (the left should be "bow") ring, ' Notes ', "generation means" and so on. At first, the ring was a special mark used by concubines in the palace to note. When pregnant or other circumstances can not approach the king, the gold ring in the left hand, to prohibit the Emperor's "Royal Lucky", usually with silver ring, set in the right hand. Later, the ring to the folk, to its original meaning, thought beautiful, long time to retain the atmosphere. Ming Dynasty are Qiong "three redundant pen" Remember Yue, "This secular use of gold and silver as a ring, placed in the woman's fingers, that the ring." The literal analysis of the word "precepts" contains the meaning of abstinence. Therefore, women at that time the political ring, not to dazzle the United States, nor to decorate, but to warn caution, play the role of the prohibition.

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